Awarding ceremony of provincial post-doctoral workstation——The opening lecture will come to a successful conclusion
Date:2021-09-16 09:18:56

      On theafternoon of September 15, 2021, the awarding ceremony of postdoctoralworkstation of 新葡的京集团350vip8888Zhejiang Co., Ltd. and Dr. Liu Jun's opening reportwere successfully held in the conference room on the third floor of theCompany's Innovation Service Complex.Peng Binghua, deputy director of QujiangDistrict Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Xu Hongxia, chief ofspecial Technology Department, and Wang Minliang, general manager of thecompany, Luo Zhirong, vice president of manufacturing, Wang Jin, vice presidentof marketing and related personnel attended the meeting.

     The conferenceinvited professor Sun Jianzhong from Jiangsu University, researchers Ye Kelin,Long Ling, Xu Jianfeng and Liu Ruwei from wood Industry Research Institute ofChinese Academy of Forestry.


      Peng Binghua,deputy director of district Human Resources and Social Security Bureau attendedthe awarding ceremony, and Wang Minliang, general manager of the companyreceived the card and delivered a speech.

Dr. Liu Jun gave the project opening report

        At the reportmeeting, Dr. Liu Jun made an opening report on the topic of "Non-aldehyde***", explaining the significance, feasibility, research ideas and plansof the research project.

      Afterthe completion of Dr. Liu's report, the expert group questioned and discussedrespectively, and put forward some constructive suggestions: First, to solvethe practical problems of enterprises according to the needs of enterprises;Thesecond is to use the period of cooperation with enterprises to carry outbreakthrough RESEARCH and development, research and development must considerthe economic benefits and market demand of enterprises.The experts at themeeting agreed that the content of the topic was innovative, the academicconception and technical route were correct, the research methods and meanswere feasible, and the main research content and key technologies werepractical. After comprehensive evaluation, they agreed to propose the topic.

In the end,Peng Binghua, deputy director of human Resources and Social Security Bureau ofthe district, congratulated on the smooth opening of the report meeting, andwished the project could blossom and bear fruit, boost the enterprise torealize the transformation of scientific and technological achievements as soonas possible, and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.

       Held the success of the postdoctoral opening report, itis zhejiang xia wang paper co., LTD., in-depth implementation of scientific andtechnological innovation and talent driven strategy, attaches great importanceto the achievements of the construction of the post-doctoral scientificresearch workstation, in order to further in colleges and universities ofscience and technology innovation cooperation between laid a good foundation,to cultivate the innovative researchers created a greater space fordevelopment.

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