Do not forget the original intention, a gift for a hundred years” Celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party and party members theme practice activities.
Date:2021-06-30 08:39:56

       To celebratethe 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China,stimulate the entrepreneurial passion of all Party members and cadres to"stay true to the original aspiration and contribute to thecentenary", and help enterprises develop with high quality. On the evening of June 26, 2021, the Partycommittee of Crane held a meeting to celebrate the 100th anniversary of thefounding of the Party and the launch of the party member theme practiceactivity in the multi-function hall on the second floor of the administrativebuilding of Crane. Chairman Wang Minliang, Party secretary Wang Minlan, middleand senior management of Crane and all party members attended the event.

1、The oathceremony

       The conferencebegan with an oath taking ceremony. Under the leadership of Party SecretaryWang Minlan, all Party members took an oath together to review the oath ofmembership and keep in mind the original mission of Party membership.

2、Opening ceremony

Party memberawarding ceremony

Studio awarding ceremony

3、Leaders andbranch representatives made speeches

Chairman WangMinliang's speech

Partysecretary Wang Minlan made a mobilization speech

Representativesof each party branch made a speech

4、Show links

Poetry reading《Patio spring?snow》

Speech 《 A new paper draws youth

Poetry 《 The praise

Speech 《 Difficulties and Opportunities ,Effort and Ability  》

Poetry 《Bring a picture to show the Red Army  》

Chorus 《 Sing a folk song to the party》、《We walked on the main road》

Chorus 《 Me and mycountry 》、《 No CommunistParty, No New China》

      In thisactivity, we express our gratitude to the Party through speeches, recitationsand chorus,The last,The activity ended with the song "No Communist Party,No New China".

       This activityis not only an elegant and vivid party lesson, but also a recognition,Let us feel the beauty of the original mind,It also makes us feel the power of faith. Morestrengthened the Party spirit of Party members cadres quality,In the future work will inherit and carryforward the Party's fine tradition, and strive to contribute to the developmentof the company.

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