Wish you a healthy Dragon Boat Festival!
Date:2021-06-14 08:27:22

Origin of Dragon Boat Festival


        The DragonBoat Festival also known as the Duanyang Festival, Dragon Boat Festival,Chongwu Festival, Dragon Festival, Zhengyang Festival, Tianzhong Festival,etc., the festival on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, is a traditionalChinese folk festival.

Dragon BoatFestival originated from the worship of celestial phenomena, evolved from theancient times to worship the dragon.Midsummer Dragon Boat Festival, blackdragon seven days flying to the south, is the day of the dragon flying, as thefifth line of the hexagram of the universe said: "flying dragon in theday".The Dragon Star on the Dragon Boat Festival is both "in"and "right", which is a sign of great luck.

The origin of theDragon Boat Festival covers the ancient astrological culture, humanisticphilosophy and other aspects of the content, contains a profound and richcultural connotation;In the inheritance and development of mixed knead avariety of folk customs as a whole, festival and custom content isrich.Stepping dragon boat and eating zongzi are the two customs of the DragonBoat Festival. These two customs have been inherited in China since ancienttimes and continue to this day.

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