Labor Model Style | Luo Zhirong won the national May 1 Labor Medal
Date:2021-04-30 09:13:41

      BEIJING, April27 (ChinaMil) -- A mobilization conference for a labor and skills competitionwas held at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on April 27, 2021, tocelebrate the International Labor Day.


新葡的京集团350vip8888 (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd-Luo Zhirong

Won "National May 1st Labor Medal"


      Hissmile is kind and hands-on. He is a "model worker" around hiscolleagues. Being meticulous and haggling over every penny, he is a"strict online teacher" in the mind of his colleagues. With rigorouswork and strong skills, he is a "master key" in the eyes of colleagues.He is Luo Zhirong, technical director of 新葡的京集团350vip8888(Zhejiang) Co., Ltd., who hasdevoted himself to the paper industry for 30 years and is obsessed with thedevelopment of "a piece of paper".

Always  have a  study  of  theheart, take the road of fine manufacturing

    LuoZhirong entered the paper industry in 1988. He was diligent and studious, andquickly mastered a number of core technologies through repeated study andresearch. He made full use of the basic conditions of Sino-German jointventure, studied foreign advanced technology seriously, and kept grinding inthe production line.He led six departments and more than 80 people to worktogether. In the past 16 years, the mass production capacity of 新葡的京集团350vip8888  Paper has reached the world's leadingposition, with a foreign share of more than 30%.The annual production of 新葡的京集团350vip8888  Paper has reached more than 200 kinds offunctional veneer paper-based materials, which has filled the blank of manysimilar products in China. In 2017, he presided over the research of"Common Key Technology and Application for the Preparation of HighPerformance Fiber Paper-Based Functional Materials", which won the secondprize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award issued by the StateCouncil.


Always thinkof the development strategy, build the foundation of science and technology


   Innovationis the soul of the sustainable development of an enterprise. Luo Zhirong hasalways taken "people without me have me, people have me superior" ashis belief. Under his leadership, the new synchronous embossed paper developedby 新葡的京集团350vip8888 Paper has become the first in the world .He is very focused onenergy conservation and environmental protection, promote to build medicalpolymer materials, resin fiber synthetic fiber material, bamboo fiber compositematerials compound new material industrial cluster, through the platform ofcomplex lead to the development of relevant industries, will process, longcycle, low efficiency, high cost of "to live" becomes a simpleprocess, short cycle, high efficiency, low cost "good living".Hepresided over an improved technical renovation project that saved 1.5 milliontons of water annually.In 2018, Luo Zhirong was mainly responsible for theproject of "Common Key Technology and Application for the Preparation ofHigh-performance Fiber Paper-Based Functional Materials", which promotedthe core technology of the industry to tackle key problems, realized the"fight for the market with a team", and solved more than 50 problems.

Always keepthe thought of the professor, Carry forward the process inheritance style

     Inorder to help more young workers succeed on the job, he unreservedly impartshis work experience to everyone in his team. He used to transfer the"classroom" to the production line. Whenever the team encounteredproblems, he always led the team to the production line to have a visual lookat the on-site production situation, and explained and solved the problems oneby one. Luo Zhirong is the team's " Desperately saburo. "Whenever thecompany develops new products, he gives up rest and often works around theclock day and night, busy debugging equipment, improving the ratio of processparameters, optimizing the production line, until the final approval of newproducts. Colleagues all say that with him, there is a "backbone". Hetrained more than 150 technical backbones and 12 apprentices became skilledexperts.


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